Statements from former DP-students

My name is Francesca Putzu, and I graduated the IB program in May 2013.
There are several reasons why I’m happy I completed the IB program. One of these reasons is the program’s emphasis on both academia and extra-curricular activities. While I was motivated to focus on my studies, I was encouraged to develop skills in several fields by the CAS program. In addition to the academic challenges I met as an IB student, I spent my CAS hours as a kickboxing instructor and as an active participant in Berg Model United Nations (BMUN). Involvement in these activities enhanced my working habits and improved my ability to concentrate on several activities simultaneously. These characteristics have proved to be extremely beneficial, particularly in terms of what I’m doing this year and my plans for future study.
This year I’m participating in the exchange program “Communication for Change” (CfC). CfC is organized by Norway’s YWCA-YMCA and funded by the Norwegian Peace Corps. The program has included a four month exchange to Ilula, Tanzania, where I lived at an orphanage and worked in the local community. It has also included participation in a “Stop Poverty” tour to campaign for Y Global’s “Stop Poverty” campaign. This tour was spent campaigning around Kenya and Tanzania with Kenyan and Tanzanian nationals. The purpose of the tour was to contribute to people’s efforts to continue to fight poverty in their local communities. Above all, the overarching aim of the campaign is for a 100% reduction of extreme poverty as defined by the UN to be included in the UN’s post 2015 development agenda. This spring I’ll be going on a tour of the same sort in Norway,but the focus of the tour will be on ethical trade, and with Norwegian youth as the target group.
In terms of my future plans, the IB has exerted much influence on my choice of study. Studying English Language and Literature, History and Social Anthropology at HL, writing my Extended Essay in World Studies, and participating in BMUN heightened my interest for issues of global scope. Hence I recently applied for a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at high-ranking schools in the United Kingdom.
Studying the IB Diploma has indeed added valuable layers to my life. If you are interested in the IB program’s focus on developing well rounded and globally conscious students and an academically challenging and rewarding education, I urge you to apply!
Francesca Putzu class of 2013
My name is Pietro Binelli and I am currently attending the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. The three years I had at the school, and especially the last two in the IB, were some of my best years. They were not only academically very challenging, they really changed me into a more open-minded, reflective and curious person. These are important skills, not only when embarking on higher education, but generally in life.
The life at university demands a lot of independent studying that is not graded, but nevertheless crucial to do in order to pass. The students have to write several essays each semester, read large amounts of text each week and be prepared to deliver presentations on the topics studied. As a former IB student, this proved to be much easier for me than for many of my fellow students. When one goes through the IB, one is forced to master all these skills in order to graduate. In that sense, the IB is much more demanding than regular high school, but the benefits from it are also more rewarding. Another positive aspect of being a former IB student is that I am used to have all my classes in English, which means that I am used to listen, talk and take notes in English. This might seem trivial, but being used to that has made it much easier for me to pay attention and understand my lectures. I would like to stress the importance of essay writing in university. Both the coursework throughout the year and the exam consist of writing essays. The real strength of the IB is that it really prepares you for that. Most of the grading and work done in the IB is essay writing, which gives a huge advantage when one starts on higher education.
The IB has not only helped me get into the university I had been dreaming of, but it has given me the necessary preparation and skills needed to finish my bachelor with ease, something I am very grateful for.