School Regulations

Blindern School has a local code of conduct that is grounded in Oslo Council's general regulations and which applies to all pupils. We are concerned with creating a good environment for working and learning that is characterized by peace and quiet, orderly behaviour, respect for others and concentration on school work. Blindern is to be an inviting school to attend for everyone, where we thrive, show respect for one another and have the desire to learn.

The Code contains rules of behaviour and specifies which measures are to be taken if a pupil breaks those rules. Our aim is to ensure that pupils leave with a good record of discipline and behaviour and a minimum of absence. We are concerned with pupils' well-being and learning. We set clear and reassuring boundaries that are maintained daily to ensure a good and safe learning environment.

Our rules at Blindern:

1. Be punctual for lessons

  • All teaching starts on time and classroom doors are closed.

  • Lateness is registered with a mark against discipline (orden).

  • Lateness in excess of 15 minutes is registered as one teaching hour of absence.

  • This rule applies in all circumstances, irrespective of traffic delays, with the exception of public transport incidents.

2. Come to lessons prepared and with all necessary materials

  • In order that you gain the full benefit of all teaching, you must come prepared to lessons.
  • Inform your teacher in advance if, for any reason, your homework could not be completed.
  • You have an obligation to familiarize yourself with the learning platform ItsLearning and to gain an overview of your timetable, homework and other activities.
  • Lack of preparation and uncompleted homework will result in a mark against discipline.
  • Should you repeatedly come unprepared to class or fail to attend lessons and/or assessments, a possible consequence is that there will not be a sufficient basis to award a grade in the subject(s) concerned.
  • Ensure that you always have all necessary materials with you to lessons, such as PC, books, pen and notebook.
  • You may retrieve materials after a lesson begins if the teacher allows it but you will receive a mark against discipline for forgotten materials.

3. Always deliver work on time

  • Work must be delivered before the deadline the teacher has set.
  • Inform your subject teacher in advance if you are unable to deliver work on time.
  • If you deliver work after the deadline has passed, and without informing your subject teacher in advance, it will not be assessed. This may have consequences both for formative and summative assessment in a subject. In addition, you will receive a mark against discipline.
  • Materials borrowed from the School must be returned at the agreed time; otherwise, you will be billed for the materials.

4. Maintain focus on your subjects and be orderly during lessons

  • A state of peace and quiet during teaching contributes to a good learning environment.
  • You have a duty to be active in lessons and not to engage in irrelevant and distracting activities such as inappropriate talking, using social media, playing games and spending time on your mobile phone. It is up to the teacher to decide whether and when you will use your PC.
  • In the case of repeated disruption of teaching, disturbance of other pupils or use of ICT equipment for anything other than the teacher has specified, a mark against behaviour will be given.
  • Mobile phones are always to be kept in your bag set to silent mode.
  • For use of a mobile phone during lessons, a mark against discipline will be given.
  • Pupils who disrupt teaching to a high degree may be assigned alternative teaching outside the classroom (Opplæringsloven §3-8).
  • Leave classrooms tidy and keep the School clean
  • Classrooms are to be tidied after each lesson. Tidy up after yourself and place your chair neatly behind your desk.
  • After the last lesson in a classroom for the day, chairs are to be placed
    upon desks.
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