Competition Unge forskere

2nd Prize

  • Sarah Austbø(18 år) fra Oslo pg Blindern vgs for prosjektet "The Iodization of Table Salt: The use of Potassium Iodide vs. Potassium Iodate". Spesialpris: ISEF, USA

3rd Prize: 

  • Peder Foss (17 år) fra Oslo og Blindern vgs. for prosjektet "Investigating the Variation of Friction with Surface Temperature Between Metal-Polymer Pairs". Spesialpris: Danske Unge forskere
  • Signe Nesheim Hugås (18 år) fra Oslo og Blindern vgs. for prosjektet "An investigation of 'snus' as a pollutant of soil"
    Spesialpris: CASTIC, Kina



Konkurransen Unge forskere

Unge forskere 2019

Congratulations to Peder, Sarah and Signe! 2nd and 3rd prize in competition Young researchers 2019! You will also represent Norway in Denmark, China and the USA! The IB department and the whole school are proud of you!