Information for Applicants

Information for Applicants

The Diploma programme is offered at 6000 IB World Schools in 159 countries. It is a two-year educational programme that leads to the IB Diploma, an internationally recognised examination that qualifies for matriculation into most institutions of higher education. It is a rigorous preparation for university studies and for life. Students will meet opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally and ethically. Students learn to cope with a demanding workload and manage their time.Diploma students are required to study six subjects within languages, social scien­ces, natural sciences and mathematics over two years. It is also possible to study a course in the arts; we offer Visual Arts.

In addition, the students will deal with the three required components of the DP core, which will allow them to expand their range of skills

  • Through Theory of Knowledge students will reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how know what we claim to know.
  • Through the Extended Essay students will produce their own piece of research work.
  • Through Creativity, activity and service students will engage in a range of challenging and meaningful activities in  local or global environments.

 The Diploma Programme at Blindern vgs requires a student to study languages, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics over two years. It is based on the first year of Norwegian videregående skole, or similar academic preparation. The IB Diploma course which is taught in English, is designed to cater for internationally mobile student applicants and Norwegian students interested in a secondary school education offering notably a somewhat greater in-depth study in three of the university preparatory subjects, taught in English.

Berg, the forerunner of Blindern videregående skole, was authorised to teach the IB Diploma in 1978 making it the oldest IB school in Norway today. We believe that this long experience, combined with a highly qualified staff, several of whom have been IB examiners, provides a sound basis for the delivery of the programme. These elements, together with an international student body, make for a challenging and exciting route to further studies.

Examinations are held in May, each year, on the same days, in every country in the northern hemisphere. A uniform standard is maintained using identical examination papers and an international network of examiners.