Information for Applicants

Examinations are held in May, each year, on the same days, in every country in the northern hemisphere. A uniform standard is maintained through the use of identical examination papers and an international network of examiners.


IB at Blindern requires a student to study languages, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics over two years. It is based on the first year of Norwegian videregående skole, or similar academic preparation. The IB Diploma course which is taught in English, is designed to cater for internationally mobile student applicants and Norwegian students interested in a secondary school education offering notably a somewhat greater indepth study in three of the university preparatory subjects, taught in English.

Berg, the forerunner of Blindern videregående skole, was authorised to teach the IB Diploma in 1978 making it the oldest IB school in Norway today. We believe that this long experience, combined with a highly qualified staff, several of whom have been IB examiners, provides a sound basis for the delivery of the programme. These elements, together with an international student body, make for a challenging and exciting route to further studies.

Applications and how to apply

Application should be made both through VIGO ( and directly to the school. Alternatively, if you are applying from abroad and do not have a Norwegian identity number and/or do not have records of previous schooling from Norway, you should send in an application in paper format to "Inntakskontoret" as well as applying directly to the school.

Applicants must have a registered address in Oslo municipality by the application deadline which is 1 March 2019.

Applicants who are in the process of moving to Oslo are eligible to apply for a place. They will, however, not secure a place until they provide documentation to prove that they have moved to an Oslo address together with or in order to join their parent(s) before the start of the school year. The deadline for providing documentation is the 24th of June. N.B students must have registered address in Oslo municipality throughout the time they attend the school.

How to apply:

Electronic applications should be submitted to by 1 March 2019.

The paper application form may be obtained from The Oslo County Office:

All applicants must also fill out an IB application form which is to be sent directly to the school. This is to be found on the homepage of the school. If you wish to apply please print out the application form and send it to the school before 1 March 2019. More information about IB can be found on the website: If you have any further questions please contact the IB Coordinator at Blindern videregående skole Emmanuelle Bjerkem.